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Helping everyday people to navigate the everyday challenges of life. 

Not sure of how to deal with the challenges of dealing with everyday interactions? Don’t know what to do? Want some ways of looking at situations resourcefully and constructively?

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Trust Begins and Ends With Self. A joint discussion with podcast guest, Conor O’Malley, an executive coach who has recently release a book titled “Trust Begins and Ends With Self”

A discussion about what to do when unexpected things happen. How do we respond? What can we do to ensure that we respond usefully?

Understanding and using anxiety in everyday life. What happens during those moments of anxiety that we may have throughout a normal day? How can we understand them and use them?

What are moods and emotions? Can it help us to understand how we can use them in everyday life?

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Deanne Duncombe

Coach and Facilitator

Hi! I am over 40, with a career in IT. A few years ago, I decided that some of the ways in which I was being in life weren’t really helping me. I became overwhelmed by self-doubt and had no self-confidence. That approach to life wasn’t really helping me, so I kicked off a journey of self-discovery. I learnt so much about how humans interact. I started by applying that learning to my own ways of being in life – why was I responding to situations in the way that I was responding? How was that helping me? How would I like to be responding? Once I understood some of how I was interacting, I tried to understand how others were interacting with me. How could I tailor my approach so that I could work constructively in those interactions? I had some pretty cool results, not only turning my own approach to life from that of a serial self-doubter to someone who backs theirself completely but also turning relationships with others around. I loved the results so much that I decided to become a coach and help others. And so I help everyday people just like me to become more resourceful in how they approach their everyday interactions in life. I help people to shift from feeling stuck by the learning and rules from which they live their life to becoming unstuck, making available choice in how they interact with others.


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