What is this podcast, then?


00:00 Welcome to, For the Sake of What…?, a podcast to help you become unstuck in everyday life by offering you a different perspective. Each episode will provide some tips and tools for looking at life differently and for leading yourself to be your own version of success. My name is Deanne, and I am your host.

Episode 0

0:27 Deanne here, and welcome to Episode 0 of the For the Sake of What…? podcast. This podcast aims to share different perspectives on life with everyday people.

In each episode, I’ll talk about different issues that might pop up in the course of everyday life and provide some tools, techniques and perspectives for managing those issues. Now I can’t claim to have all of the answers, and I don’t claim to have all of the answers. I claim to have some tools that you might find useful in your own life. They are tools, tips and techniques that have worked for me, and I really want to share them with others in the hope that they might work for others as well.

1:01 So, I hold an opinion that we all suffer in some way or another in life at various times, whether it’s a mild anxiety when we’re having a difficult conversation with someone, or whether it’s something larger and more complex. And I think the thing is that most of us assume that that’s just life. We don’t think about the possibility of engaging with people differently or with changing how we might be doing and being in the world. We assume that that’s just how the world is, and that’s just how we are, and nothing can change. And I think that often we end up becoming stuck when we do that because we don’t we don’t see possibilities because we just can’t see them. And so, what I’d like to offer in this podcast is the perspective of a coach to help you see things differently and, if you’d like to, bring about some change in the possibilities that are available to you. It’s up to you how you use the ideas and suggestions that I put forward. You can use them in whatever way works for you.

1:58 Episode 1 of this podcast is going to be released on the 15th of November 2020. Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time and then podcasts will be released every fortnight after that, so that’s every two weeks.

So, who am I and what am I doing here? Well, in short, I have some life experience at handling some of my own issues, using the tools, techniques and methodologies that I’m going to share with you. And in using those tools, techniques and methodologies, I managed to bring about some significant shifts in my life that have made it a lot easier for me to interact with others in constructive ways and bring about the outcomes that are useful for me to bring about. And as a result of that journey, I guess, and the experiences that I had eventually ended up deciding that I wanted to train as a coach. So what I’m bringing to you are my own life experiences with a combination of a coaching background in ontological coaching and facilitation.

2:55 Now my ideas aren’t THE way to do things. My ideas are the ideas that worked for me, so feel free to adopt them, adapt them, do whatever you like with them. Whatever works for you is what’s right, in my opinion.

So, let’s go into a little bit more detail about my actual story. A few years ago, I had a pretty crappy time with life. I was suffering from insecurity and self doubt. It was pretty much starting to full on rule my world and I just didn’t know what to do. It was a really, really tough time for me and I spent a lot of that time questioning who I was and struggling with the challenges that I was faced with.

3:30 In the end, I asked somebody for some help and with that help I survived the experience and I think I became a more resourceful version of me because of it. The thing that really stood out for me when I first started to share my story via my blogs and other means was that there are many everyday people out there who are who have struggles similar to what I was having. And there are many everyday people out there who have not had the distinctions and tips and methodologies shared with them that I was fortunate enough to have shared with me. It started to occur to me that it would be great to share some of these in the hope that it could help others, and I thought that the best way to do that might be via a podcast.

4:07 Something that occurred to me when I started to share my story was that I had originally thought that I was unique in my suffering. So I thought that the challenges that I was experiencing were unique to me and that everyone else had their life together and I didn’t have my life together. I actually thought there was something wrong with me. And as it turns out, what I discovered from the followers of my blog and other people I have interacted with is that I wasn’t unique and there wasn’t something wrong. We all suffer at various times in our life. We all have challenges where things don’t go, quite how we’d like them to. And we all have challenges with our interactions in everyday life in one way or another.

And a lot of that, I think, is because of the learning that we’ve had as we’ve made our way through life. A lot of that is because society and our history just don’t prepare us for some of the challenges that we face. And that’s okay because there are ways that we can shift our perspective, even ways that we can turn things around so that they work for us. And THAT is why I wanted to create this podcast. I wanted to create a podcast that offered a different perspective to help everyday people deal with their everyday problems.

5:14 Something that you’re probably wondering is, why call a podcast For the Sake of What…?  Well, this comes down to the idea that we each do and say the things that we do and say in life to take care of something that needs to be taken care of within us. So, for example, when someone said to me this morning, I’ve tried to call you and you’re never available, the annoyance that I felt at hearing that was taking care of something within me. So it wasn’t necessarily that the other person had said or done something wrong. It was that there was something within me that felt like it needed to be taken care off. Perhaps it was that I felt like the person didn’t understand the pressures that I was dealing with when they were trying to call me, or perhaps I was feeling guilty that I hadn’t been available. Whatever it was, that annoyance and the behaviours that came from that annoyance were there to take care of something within me.

5:59 And so the idea is that when we start to understand what those things are that we’re taking care of, for example, by asking ourselves “For the sake of what did I feel that way?”, or “For the sake of what did I take that action?”, we start to understand what sits behind our behaviours. And when we understand what sits behind our behaviours, we can start to understand why we’re taking the actions that were taking, whether those actions are serving us usefully and what actions might be more useful to take in future. In a sense, I guess we’re developing an awareness of who we are and why we’re behaving in the ways that we’re behaving.

6:33 What I would like to do in each episode is to look at different challenges, why we are interpreting those challenges as we are and how we can look at those challenges differently to bring about results that are more useful for us. So, “For the sake of what are we interpreting those challenges in the way that we’re interpreting them and when we can discover why we hold those stories and opinions that we hold of our experience of everyday life, we can discover what serves us, creating the possibility of opening up choice as we move forward. And that’s what I want to do on this podcast.

7:04 I’m about to sign off now until Episode one kicks off. I love hearing from the people who listen to me and who follow me. So please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to. You’re welcome to pop me an email, and if you’d like any more information or you are curious about what I do and what I talk about in my podcast, feel free to do so, my email is deanne@forthesakeofwhat.world. And if you’d like to check out more of what I do, feel free to go to the “For the Sake of What…?” podcast site – https://forthesakeofwhat.world or go to my personal website https://leadingandbeing.com.

7:38 Thank you so much for listening to me on Episode 0. When I release Episode 1, I’ll talk about the labels and stories that we tend to create for ourselves in the world, and what happens when we leave those labels and stories as our truth.

7:50 Until next time, take care on I look forward to catching up again. Cheers for now. Bye.


7:55 Thank you for joining me this episode on the “For the Sake of What…?” podcast. If you’d like to know more about what I do, feel free to visit my website https://leadingandbeing.com or to visit the “For the Sake of What…?” website,  https://forsakeofwhat.world  website? Otherwise you can connect with me on Instagram @leadingandbeingcoaching or feel free to drop me an email deanne@forthesakeofwhat.world. Until next time, bye!